We see ourselves as the sustainable and reliable partner in agricultural wholesale and trade. Within the agricultural sector, in which commercial functions and business strategies are increasingly challenged, we develop individual concepts with our customers and suppliers, which are tailored to their respective requirements and needs. For example, we cultivate long-term and contractual business models with agricultural trade partners or develop individually tailored financing and investment models. If you are interests, please feel free to contact a member of the management board.

Stakes and Investments

Beiselen is a wholesale partner for independent agricultural trade companies and clearly commits and pledges itself to the two-stage sales nature in regions where possible. If necessary and demanded, we offer reliable and long-term cooperation. Partnerships range from mutual utilization of capacities and logistics through to minority and majority interests. Every commitment should comply with our definition of partnership: “Partners should enjoy the success of the other”


Society and politics determine the conditions under which farmers and agricultural traders operate. In order to ensure a sufficient representation of interests of family businesses and agriculture in general, Beiselen is an active member in the following associations:


Beiselen holds 100% equity of the following subsidiaries:

Baden Agrarhandel GmbH Friesenheim
Industriestraße 11
77948 Friesenheim

Logo_Tochterunternehmen_SWBeiselen Lagerei- und Umschlags-GmbH
Didierstraße 35
56112 Lahnstein

Beiselen Ges.m.b.H
Wirtschaftspark Straße 3/5
4482 Ennsdorf

Börde Agrarhandel Langeneicke GmbH
Wickenfeld 7–9
59590 Geseke-Langeneicke

Agrarhandel Erhardt GmbH
Mitterharthausen 50
94351 Feldkirchen

RW Agrar GmbH
Industriestraße 7
97461 Hofheim

Transport- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH Lommatzsch
Bahnhofstraße 13
01623 Lommatzsch