Films & harvest yarns

In order to meet the various needs in agriculture and horticulture, Beiselen has a vast selection of films and nonwovens in every color and in various sizes and thicknesses.

In addition, we offer a wide assortment of silage protection grids, harvesting yarns and bale net wraps. The products assure an optimal storage and reliable protection of your product, right up until they are used.

Consistent product quality is of utmost importance for us. For example, the Beiselen bale net wrap “Beiselen PowerNet”, the agricultural stretch film “Beiselen PowerStretch”, the harvest protection fleece “Covertan Pro” and the harvest yarn “Beiselen PowerPress” are all developed in close partnership with selected manufacturers. Thus, these Beiselen products are exclusive to us.

Films, nonwovens, nets and harvest yarns can be purchased throughout the year. Our specialists at the respective location will advise you individually and independent based on your needs.


Manufacturer of Films and harvest yarns:

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