The full-range provider

It all began with the production and distribution of fertilizers in 1890 and continuously developed into a modern trading company within the business fields of seeds, fertilizers, plant protection, agricultural products, films and harvest yarns as well as products for home and garden needs.


Beiselen provides a wide range of powerful varieties. Everything in regard to cereal seeds and pulse crops are offered as certified seeds from our own propagations.

Product Portfolio:

cereal seed
seed corn
grass mixtures

Saatgut Beiselen


The fertilizer market belongs to the core competencies at Beiselen for more than 100 years. Due to this vast experience, an in-depth understanding of market needs, and our longstanding relationships with suppliers, our customers benefit from high reliability, comprehensive expert advice, professional handling and a high product quality.

Product Portfolio:

nitrogenous fertilizers
P and PK fertilizers
potash fertilizers

Düngemittel Beiselen

Plant Protection

Plant protection agents are highly profitable resources for agricultural plant production. Specialists’ know-how is required during the application, storage and transport, which Beiselen combines holistically.

Product Portfolio:

growth regulators
and all other licensed products

Pflanzenschutzmittel Beiselen

Agricultural Products

The global market of agricultural products requires an excellently interlinked partner with in-depth knowledge of supply and demand of the entire value chain in agricultural trade. Beiselen is this partner.

Product Portfolio:


Landwirtschaftliche Erzeugnisse

Home & Garden

In the home and garden sector, Beiselen is one of Germany´s most important wholesalers. We run and distribute product ranges of all well-known German plant protection, soil and fertilizer producers.

Product Portfolio:

plant protection products

Haus und Garten Beiselen

Films and Harvest Yarns

In order to meet the various needs in agriculture and horticulture, Beiselen has a vast selection of films and nonwovens in every color and in various sizes and thicknesses.

Product Portfolio:

silage protection gridsr
harvest yarns
bale net wraps

Folien und Erntegarne Beiselen